13 August 2018

REVIEW: Aftershokz Trekz Air Bone-conducting Headphones

Bone head

Did you know that you don't actually need your ears to hear music? True story... kinda. As we found out a few years ago when reviewing this (okay) pair from Damson, bone-conducting headphones can work incredibly well and help to keep you safe by leaving your lug-holes wide open to other sounds. We revisit the world of ear-less tunes by reviewing the AfterShokzTrekz Air.

First up; wow, these things are tiny and light. Whereas our previous experience of the aforementioned Damson product wasn't overly positive in terms of comfort, the AfterShokz Trekz Air are like wearing no headphones at all. Flexible to an impressive degree, they sit over the top of your ears, wrap around the back of your head, and use conduction pads that lightly press against the top of your jaw, just in front of your ear canals. Available in four colours, the controls and charging port live just behind the right ear. Nice.

Obviously, the 'phones connect via Bluetooth, and hooking up an array of devices took just a few seconds each time – as well it should. Switching the headphones on while wearing them initiates a gentle female voice welcoming you to the product. That same voice will confirm when you're in pairing mode, and then finally when you connect.

Most genres of music sounded good on the AfterShokz Trekz Air, but like most other bone-conductors we've used in the past, there always feels like a degree of disconnect between the listener and the track. Everything is clear and crisp, just not very personal, as if people passing you by on the street, or those next to you on the bus or train, could also hear it.

Of course, bone-conduction is never going to be as immersive as over-ear noise-cancelling headphones – that isn't the point. What is, is that the wearer can still hear everything else going on around them, while also hearing their tunes. This makes the AfterShokz Trekz Air excellent exercise headphones, and we tested them while out running and also on long cycles.

The light weight and slim, flexible profile really excels here, as you're hardly aware they are there – even for people with larger heads, as we all seem to be. The design means they stay put, even during impact-heavy runs, yet they can also be worn with a bike helmet. Also, despite the volume and power buttons being situated behind your ear, you can hit play/pause, and answer calls, with an easy-to-find button on the left conduction pad. Handy.

So, for everyday use, perhaps not, and it is clear that AfterShokz has aimed the Trekz Air squarely at sport users. However, although we appreciated them mostly while working out, we discovered they managed very well as around the house headphones; for when you want to listen to a spot of private music, but still need to hear the kids screaming at each other. All in all, great 'phones.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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