26 June 2018

REVIEW: Aldi's Camping Range

Camping, cheaper

Ah, camping season. Well, sane camping season, as we've decided to only ever pitch a tent on these Britannic shores at the height of summer. As ever, we've been enjoying a few weekend trips of late, testing some kit, and we're happy to see the return of an old favourite. Filling their stores and website with affordable outdoor stuff, Aldi have gathered together another useful camping specialbuy range. We check it out.

This summer's camping range features some nice kit, not limited to... an Inverter Generator (£289.99), a Four Person Air Tent (£129.99), a Four Man Tent (£79.99), a Backpack Gazebo (£39.99), a Hammock with Stand (£39.99), an Electric Coolbox (£39.99), a Camping Kitchen/Cupboard Unit (£39.99), a 4-Fold Table (£29.99), a Dual Burner with Grill (£29.99) and a Double Sleeping Bag (£29.99) as well as many others.

Aldi were kind enough to supply us with three of the range's items, which we tested out in the field. Literally, in a field.

Backpack Gazebo

Coming from an Aldi favourite supplier, Adenturidge, this is a compact gazebo-cum-sun shelter that can fold up to fit inside a very portable backpack. Folding out to be two metres tall by 1.8 metres wide, the gazebo features an easy-up deployment and a UV filter roof with sun-blocking side panel. The whole thing weighs just 7kg, so when packed into the included carrybag, it is a breeze to cart around. Seriously, this thing is great, and takes just a couple of minutes to erect.


Inflatable Camping Chair

We normally take folding rigid seats on a camping adventure, but these inflatable alternatives might sway our minds in future. This is a single seater blow-up (a two seater sofa is also offered in the range) that is quick to inflate and sturdy to sit on. It's tough, with a reinforced base and a soft flock lining on the bits where your bums goes. It's lighter to pack and carry than those metal pole fold out chairs, too.


Single Air Bed

No, you won't 'just be fine' kipping in your sleeping bag on the cold hard ground - not in this bloody country, anyway. Air beds are an essential for a fun camping trip, but as they tend to get a bit battered, muddy, and - if your're lucky - burst from 'over use' (Ahh, Glasto...) we're guessing you're not wanting to splash a lot of cash on one. This single effort from Adventuridge is tough, firm when inflated, offers a comfortable amount of sleeping space (it's 73cm wide when up) and is cheap as chips. We like.


The Aldi Specialbuy Camping Range will land in stores from 28th June 2018. Find out more about what's up for grabs at www.aldi.co.uk

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