19 June 2018

COMMENT: Is NordVPN What Your Network Needs?

Hopefully, you know functioning without a VPN these days is simply not the way to go. Yes, it’s a handy tool to create a safe business network, but you should also consider it for private use. We all use public Wi-Fi networks but do you stop and think about how these put you at risk?

A VPN gives you added security thanks to encryption, and it hides your true IP address behind its own. Currently, the subject of cybersecurity and privacy is a huge topic, and if you’re looking for a way to keep your online activities safe and private, in addition to the tips on this article on Cell Phone Deal, a VPN is it.

But then the question comes which VPN you should trust. Many supporters will try and sell NordVPN to you. I wanted to check if this is worth your investment so read on to see my findings.

NordVPN in Detail
I often come across products that only include half the services you want, so it’s always refreshing when you get a full package deal. Like most VPN products, NordVPN keeps your online traffic encrypted and your personal IP hidden from the rest of the net.

But then there’s so much more that follows.

What I appreciate about this brand is that they actually listen to their clients. The service was quite slow when it started out in Panama because their servers were limited. But NordVPN has evolved, added servers in multiple locations and now you’ll enjoy much better performance. That’s thanks to over 4000 servers worldwide.

These global servers also enable the system to give you a static IP address if needed. Note that this is an additional service you’ll have to pay for.

What you won’t always have to pay extra for is the unrestricted access to sites and content, which even includes Netflix. Apart from security, this is probably my favorite reason for wanting to invest in a quality VPN, especially when considering the best VPN for torrenting

User-Friendly Experience?

As a bonus, this service doesn’t keep any logs of your activities. That’s something many other similar products don’t offer.

While that’s enough to make this a favorite the world over, its versatility adds another reason: You can use NordVPN on almost all your devices as it supports Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and even Android TV. Contracts include coverage for up to six devices so you can safeguard your entire home setup with one license.

I’ve found the apps to be intuitive and easy to use. Even if you don’t have much tech savvy, you shouldn’t have a problem installing and activating this on your devices.

Here’s one more thing I really appreciate: No ads!

Some Specs
Here are a few quick facts:
  • NordVPN has four different protocols:
    • OpenVPN
    • L2TP
    • IKEv2
    • PPTP
  • Customer support options:
    • Live chat
    • Email
  • Maximum device connections: 6

The Packages
This is not a cheap VPN option, but at least you can pick from a list of packages. Unfortunately, you only get a really beneficial discount if you sign on for three years. Other than that, the features you get are much the same:
  • Monthly plans available at $11.95
  • Yearly plans cost $5.75/month
  • A three-year plan will only cost you $2.75/month

I doubt you’ll have to use it, but there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re really not satisfied with the features.

No product is going to be perfect, and I wish NordVPN’s free trial option was a little easier to activate. Short-term plans would also be practical for those times you travel and want to keep your devices secure.

  • Probably the best customer service out there
  • Multiple packages available
  • Ads are blocked
  • No logging
  • Worldwide servers
  • Kill switch is installed

  • No short-term packages
  • Occasionally slow service

Final Verdict

NordVPN is probably one of the best available options when it comes to balancing between speed, reliability, price and ease of use. During the recent years the competitiveness and availability of various VPN providers has skyrocketed and NordVPN is among those who managed to stand out in the most crucial areas. If you’re in a lookout for a good VPN provider, consider giving NordVPN a free trial and checking out other user reviews.

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