17 May 2018

REVIEW: Teva Omnium 2 Hybrid Shoes

You've put your foot in it

Weird time of year, innit? At time of writing it is mid May and the weather can't really decide what  it's doing: one day scorching hot, the other chilly and wet. If you find it hard to choose the right footwear at times like this, might we suggest a versatile pair of kicks that we've been proudly sporting for the past fortnight? We check out the Teva Omnium 2.

Despite being new to the site, Teva are well known for making a range of different shoes for a range of different environments. The Omnium 2 are basically sandals for men that offer a level of protection and support that you would normally find in conventional trainers or hiking shoes. The 'hybrid' part of the name comes from the blend of these shoe styles, creating both a unique look and feel.

Actually, the lead image we used above is a bit deceptive. How's this:

As you can see there are ruddy great gaps in the shoe's upper body, like a sandal, while maintaining a solid toe section and overall ruggedness, liking hiking shoes (which actually reminded us of the tough Merrell Moab Ventilator, reviewed here). So they look like hiking shoes, but with holes. Sounds weird, but stick with us.

Unlike the aforementioned Merrell shoes, which were all about keeping stuff away from your feet, the Teva Omnium 2 will welcome things in; namely air and water. This makes them an ideal summer shoe, as wearing them around town, or while on walks, means your feet are well ventilated, and should you splash through a puddle or trot about in the shallows at the beach, the water will drain out fast and the shoes will dry quick.

We tested them in such an environment: a long walk along the beach. Granted it was Bridlington beach, and granted it wasn't the warmest of days, but they performed excellently. It was reassuring to walk through the tide knowing our feet were protected (especially in the vital toe department - not nice to get a sea shell stuck in there), and having water immediately drain away from bare feet inside meant we never felt waterlogged and soggy. And, even in the chill wind of a Yorkshire beach, they were mostly dry by the time we reached the car.

The Teva Omnium 2 also fit very well, having adjustable Velcro straps on the top and across the heel. There is also a bungee cord that can be tightened across the lace area, and we liked the fact that they can be popped on and off by way of the clip buckle, so there's no need to undo the Velcro, keeping the custom fit correct each time.

There is elastic gore in the body to keep the shoe flexible, while the out-sole is Spider Original Rubber, making it very tough and offering a decent amount of grip. Oh, and these are the only sandals we've ever reviewed that let you confidently wear socks underneath without feeling like a prat. Sandal and socks are usually a very severe no-no in our book, but a short pair of dark socks worn with these will be hardly noticeable and make the overall shoe seem like one solid piece, Just saying - because often you need a wee bit more warmth.

So, the Teva Omnium 2 hybrid shoes are a very unique item of footwear. Perfect for summer adventures, they'll see you right down the beach, along a mountain path, and curled up with you on the sofa of a trendy coffee shop.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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