12 July 2017

FEATURE: Summer Clothing 2017

Nice kit.

We're back with another of our seasonal clothing features, happily dipping our toes into a slew of new items ideal for the summer. If the warmer weather has caused you to realise that you threw out anything less than Arctic Tundra-proof last December, why not pick up one or two of these?

On top

Sherpa Karma Zip Fleece

This thin and flexible fleece from Sherpa is a great place to start, especially if you're currently summering in the UK. The polyester top makes the ideal 'stuff-jumper' for your bag on days when the temperatures might suddenly plummet, and features a trimmed cut with an unusually long zip. There is a small chest pocket perfect for cash and cards, and some subtle but pretty Nepal-inspired details on the inside of the neck.

£40 from www.sherpaadventuregear.co.uk

Breton La Robe

The Breton Shirt Co. firmly stand by their belief that wearing stripes makes you happier. Certainly this black and white striped dress is definitely eye-catching, and perfect for summer evenings. LaRobe is made from 100% thick knitted cotton and features 3/4 length sleeves, a zip on the back, and two small pockets on the front. It is a strangely pleasing blend of Parisian cafe and sailing ship, and damn comfortable on.

£66.95 from www.bretonshirt.co.uk

Royal Robbins Mojave Desert Pucker Shirt

When you want something a tad more formal than a tee, but also open and light enough to stop you passing out from the heat, check out Royal Robbins' shirts. The Mojave Desert is soft, comfortable, and airy... quite unlike its namesake. It also comes in a tonne of different colours and patterns, and features wrinkle-free fabric. And - get this - there is a dedicated pen slot in that top chest pocket. Swish!

£40 from www.royalrobbins.co.uk

Weird Fish Elijah Short Sleeve Slub Shirt

Big fans of Weird Fish here, but we've never reviewed any of their more formal stuff. Well, we say formal, but the Elijah shirt is formal for a beach party or barbecue (or maybe even a Hawaiian-themed funeral). The soft slub cotton is hard-wearing and very comfortable, while the pattern is just subtle enough to make the shirt a versatile garment. Also, the Weird Fish logo is very subtly woven on above the chest pocket, for those who aren't fans of wearing adverts. And, at time of press, this thing is a total steal, at only...

£24.50 from www.weirdfish.co.uk

Sherpa Kathmandu T-shirt

Another from Sherpa, this simple tee is made from organic cotton and is wonderfully soft. The printed design references Sherpa's Himalayan influences, and there is patterned tape on the inside back of the neck to prevent it from stretching. This thing is ludicrously comfortable, and the ideal tee for a day in the summer sun, or for travelling long distances. We also decided it was the perfect 'sitting on a plane for seven hours' shirt.

£25 from www.sherpaadventuregear.co.uk

On bottom

Howies Urbane Casual Cycle Shorts

We'll be honest, we've yet to actually cycle in these. However, the 'long' shorts (they're more like 3/4 length trousers) are pretty versatile, and look more like shorts you'd where about town, anyway. That is very much the intention from Howies, as details like reflective strips on the rear pockets are hidden from view by flaps - until you need them. The 100% organic cotton makes for a very comfortable wear, and the legs can easily be rolled up if you get too hot. Plus, who isn't a fan of cargo pockets?

£79 from www.howies.co.uk

Superdry International Chino Shorts

Stopping higher up your leg than the shorts above, this pair from Superdry are as traditionally short-ish as you might need. Comfortable on, but with an all-round tighter fit (and no, we've not put on weight), they make the ideal everyday summer pair. Hand pockets on the side serve you very well, too. Made from cotton, they seem extremely hard wearing, and even boast a button-up fly. Ooo, get them.

£39.99 from www.loofes-clothing.com

On your feet

Merrell Moab Ventilator

We can't speak for you, but we do a hell of a lot of walking during the summer. As the weather improves, you might find yourself wandering about more, and so make sure you've got a decent pair of kicks. The Merrell Moab Ventilator are versatile in that they would serve you very well while hiking over the Pennines, as well as trekking to your local coffee shop. Exceptionally comfortable on, they feature a mesh lining to keep your feet cool, a bellows tongue to keep out debris, and a firm but flexible sole. Tough, but pretty looking.

£79.95 from www.excell-sports.com

Keen Uneek 2

These unusual sandals are actually the updated version of a pair we reviewed previously. Part sandal, part trainer, the Uneek 2 uses two cords interwoven to create a open-toed shoe. They offer a lot more support than the original Uneek, due to that closed up rear, but still feel exceptionally light and airy while on. We love the pull-chord to fasten them, and once you have then on your feet for a while, they seem to shift about to fit better. Certainly better than flip-flops, and definitely preferable to completely open sandals. We likey.

£69.99 from keenfootwear.com

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