23 April 2018

NEWS: These urinals show you ads (and don't flush)

Easy pee-sey

You get bombarded by adverts while online (we said, on a website with adverts everywhere), but a bathroom break has typically been the one place you can get a bit of alone, capitalism-free time. Until now. Thanks to Dutch company Mr Friendly, your private pee time could soon be dominated by advertising if these urinals catch on. But, they probably should. Here's why...

Although the news-worthy thing about these these urinals is the screen that displays advertisements which spring to life as soon as you start to wee, the urinal itself is also pretty clever. For a start, there is no flush, as constantly flushing urinals is a huge waste of water and contributes to CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Instead, the water-less pee pot has a special antibacterial coating to keep it clean, and is washed by a cleaning solution at the end of the day. Good stuff.

However, obviously advertisers who buy space on the urinal screen will know to target men, but we're wondering to what extent they can focus their campaigns. Right now we're being shown adverts on this site for tech and gadgets from Amazon, as well as a VR and AR trade show. Coz cookies and that. What if Mr "Friendly" urinals chooses ads based on what it can see? It'd be embarrassing to suddenly see and advert spring up for a penis enlargement device. Jus' sayin'.

Anyway, find out more about all this crazy business at mrfriendly.nl

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