27 January 2018

REVIEW: Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

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If you and your partner are sexually adventurous, and have ever considered inviting someone else into the bedroom for a ménage à trois... then don't worry as we're NOT going to direct you to our contact page to send us a message. Nope. Instead, we're going to suggest an alternative to a human third partner - one that you won't have to make small talk with. We check out the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples.

This is a weirdly shaped sex toy designed to be enjoyed by both a man and a woman during sex. It is not, as we first thought when we saw it in the press release sent to us, a phaser from the new Star Trek series, although you can't really blame us. The shape is unique and isn't, at first glance, obvious how it... y'know... fits in there. But it is actually very simple.

The main headline here is that the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples uses air pressure to create a sucking sensation from the round hole on the underside. This sits on the clitoris while the lower pointed part slides into the vagina... along with the guy's penis. This section vibrates, so as well as making everything tighter, the whole toy is vibrating.

The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is waterproof (phew) as well as being hypoallergenic. It is charged via a USB cradle, so there is no need to crack it open to insert batteries. Operation is as simple as pressing and holding the main power button to start the suction, then changing the intensity via the + and - buttons. The vibrations can be started with another button, meaning you don't have to have both going at the same time.

In use, we found it took a bit of getting used to - that is if you are intending to use it as Satisfyer intended. It can, after all, be used solo as a female-only sex toy, and doing so is a quick and pleasurable affair. Using it as a couple's toy took a bit time to get it right, and it possibly might not be the most comfortable fit, depending on the shape and layout of your junk.

You see, although the vibrating pointy bit that goes in the vagina is flexible, the angel of that and the clitoral stimulator doesn't vary too much, and we found it tended to slip off the clitoris without a hand down there to keep it in place. Depending on how you like to have sex, that can be distracting.

From the guy's perspective the increased tightness is great, but you will be VERY aware of a strange new lump pressing against your manhood. Again, it is something to get used to, and the intense vibrations certainly helped there. From a female perspective, once the suction hit the mark, bang on, it was amazing, creating a sensation unlike any other sex toy. The vibrations from the vaginal section were also very nice.

However, we just found that it slipped from that sweet spot a little too often and needed to be guided back. If the sex was slow and close it was far better and would keep in place to a greater degree. But, Christ on a bike, it was fun.

So although we found it easier and more reliable to use a solo toy, the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is a sexy bit of kit and the kind of thing we can imagine pulling out of the bedside drawer every once in a while. That said, you might never want to switch it off, and we think it will all depend on the shape of your... well... your fanny. Sorry.


Visit www.satisfyer.com

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