18 January 2018

NEWS: Vuzix Blade are the smart glasses Google failed to deliver

Heads up.

Announced at CES last week are the Vuzix Blade; a pair of smart glasses that look like actual glasses. Unlike Google Glass, which used a chunky block of acrylic as a prism display, the Blade uses a see-through display which shows notifications, photos, videos, and live streams in the top right corner of your view. And, well, they look like glasses.

These things seems very clever indeed, using voice commands and simply taps to scroll through updates. They also utilise Amazon's Alexa smart assistant, so you can ask the Vuzix Blade questions and use it to directly access the internet. Oh, and they have a 8MP camera for photo and video capture. Neat.

You can reserve a developer kit right now for (a deposit of) £479, with a further £1932 to pay once the actual glasses are available. Not cheap, but these could be the first of a new generation of smart glasses that people can actually use and wear without looking ridiculous. Google.

Find out more at www.vuzix.com

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