17 January 2018

NEWS: This coffee machine is made from concrete

Shit, don't drop it on your toes.

We've reviewed a lot of coffee machines in the past - so many that it has turned us into raging caffeine addicts. However, as handy as home espresso machines can be, they all tend to look the same: plastic or metal with a few plastic or metal knobs. The AnZa Coffee Machine is different, being made from a solid hunk of concrete.

Now fully funded on Kickstarter, the AnZa is the result of years of design and prototyping to create a coffee machine that is different, placing the emphasis on aesthetics and quality of espresso. Check this out:

The Brutalist look is actually one that we quite like, probably because we all grew up in the '80s and '90s when many modern British towns and cities were still filled with Clockwork Orange-like Brutalist buildings from the preceding decades. The AnZa certainly catches the eye, and we could imagine it being a feature appliance in a home or office.

Still, at $799 it ain't heap, but if you'd like to find out more, visit www.anzacoffee.com

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