16 January 2018

NEWS: Flying bathtub is less than relaxing

And the rubber duck fell out.

Ahh... sometimes all you want is a nice relaxing bath. Maybe light some candles, pour in some bubbles, perhaps even share it with that special person? You can unwind and truly relax in the privacy of your own bathroom. However, this bathtub offers none of that, having been converted into a giant drone that flies. The water would definitely spill out.

Created by the Real Life Guys, the bathtub drone can accommodate a single person and seems to be controlled by a conventional drone transmitter, held in the hands of the pilot. Check this out:

We're hoping this is real; certainly the other flying things the YouTube channel has created seem to be genuine, so here's hoping. It is definitely an impressive feat, and we love how casual everyone is about a flying bathtub touching down in the car park of the bakery.

So although it might not be the most relaxing use of a bath, it is the most exciting. Christ... imagine if he dropped the controller mid flight! At least there is a plughole to release all the waste the pilot would produce.

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