20 December 2017

NEWS: Is this our first glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S9?

We're on the case.

Although the latest in Samsung's flagship range of smartphones, the S9 (and S9+), aren't due for a release for another couple of months, it seems that case makers are already selling accessories for it. Spotted on the Mobile Fun website is this clear case from Olixar, designed for the forthcoming S9+ and wrapped around what has to be the phone itself.

We think. Either this is the actual device, and Mobile Fun have jumped the gun by publishing the image too early, or it is a mock-up designed to 'fill in' the case to make it look better. Either way, we can tell a few things from the design of the case itself, and that is that the S9+ will definitely have two cameras, and the fingerprint sensor seems to have moved to a far more sensible position below the cameras, and not to the right of them as on the S8, forcing right-handed people to stretch to reach it.

As well as the clear case, there are other products on the site, which also seem to have been designed for the S9 series, including this pretty nifty tactical version. If these are actual product renders of the phone (if so, thanks, Mobile Fun) it seems that not a lot has changed from the S8 models, but to be honest we ain't complaining about that.

Check out other images of the cases (while the link is still active) at: www.mobilefun.co.uk 

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