19 December 2017

FEATURE: Winter Clothing

Wrapping up.

Christ, it's cold. You might have noticed a sudden drop in temperature of late, perhaps when skidding down the street on ice and falling on your arse. This is a natural phenomenon called winter, and relax... it was entirely predicted. To combat the chill of the current season, we have assembled a group of garments and accessories that we have been sporting of late; ones we think will help see you safe and warm through to the spring.

Regatta Alarik Heavyweight Parka

We start with the total boss. This thick parka from Regatta is both warm and waterproof, making it the perfect 'big coat' for your winter adventures - be they trekking in the wilds, or wandering to the coffee shop down the road. The outer layer is sealed with a water-repellent coating, while the faux raccoon-lined hood is removable. Cut to reach down over your groin (yay!), the Alarik Parka seems to be versatile and good looking.

We've had ours for about three weeks now - during the snowy spell that hit the UK just prior to Christmas. The jacket came in handy on the coldest days, regardless of if the wearer was merely popping to the post office, or taking a walk out in the country. We're not usually fans of fur-lined hoods, faux or not, but once up and closed around your head, the Alarik was as snug as a jacket can be without causing the wearer to sweat after a while.

£160 (although at time of writing reduced to £87.95)

Visit www.regatta.com

Snugpak SV3 Gilet

For days that might not warrant the all-over insulation of a jacket like the one above, may we recommend a gilet? The SV3 from Snugpak is, apart from sounding like a kind of Volvo estate car, a very well insulated vest with a tough outer nylon layer. Inside you get Snugpak's 'Softie' polyester fibres for warmth, as well as a hem and neck adjuster to keep it tight and sealed to your body.

We're big fans of gilets no matter what the weather is like, but the Snugpak SV3 is comfortable, well fitting (we got a large and it fit the average male adult very well), and great at defending against a chilly day. Also, despite being quite puffy, and definitely a winter outer layer, it packs down and rolls up quite tight and small, making it good for camping and hiking. To be honest, we think a gilet like this works best when combined with a garment like the one below


Visit www.snugpak.com

Weird Fish Bellicose Popover Hoody

We're more used to reviewing the signature Macaroni jumpers and pullovers from Weird Fish, so it's nice to try a more conventional hoody. The Bellicose Popover is made from a luxuriously soft blend of cotton and polyester, and features a Weird Fish logo and detail print on the front. There is a kangaroo pocket on your tum-tum, draw strings around the roomy hood, and the whole thing is pretty thick - possibly the thickest and warmest hoody we've ever reviewed.

Seriously guys, this damn thing is sooo comfy! The fabric is so soft that we couldn't stop touching it when it first arrived, and even now, after a couple of washes, it has retained a truly snugly quality that we, as male manly men, go gooey over. As we said above, partnered with a gilet, or even a full overcoat, the Weird Fish Bellicose Popover Hoody makes for the perfect winter garment; one you can strip down to when indoors and cuddle up in with someone near and dear. Like your phone.

£40 (although, at time of writing, down to £20 - which is a &$£#ing steal!)

Visit www.weirdfish.co.uk

OppoSuits Christmas Suits

Okay, okay... these aren't gonna keep you very warm in the harsh conditions of winter, but some are, nonetheless, sound seasonal purchases. OppoSuits are known for making bright and eye-catching suits, in colours and with prints not typically seen on a standard two-piece. Their Christmas collection is filled with the most garish of patterns that it looks like the all models got into a fight in a wrapping paper factory, after partying all night with glue sticks.

That said, we think we love them, and can imagine several festive occasions when a bright and humorous suit like these would come in handy. Cause a stir at the office Christmas party, make a splash on Christmas morning, or just be 'that guy', walking around town doing some Christmas shopping. Sure, you'll only be able to wear your Christmas OppoSuit for two weeks out of the year, but that is essentially how often we wear suits anyway, so why not make it a fun one, bitches?

Around £62

Visit www.opposuits.co.uk

Boody Organic Bamboo Underwear

Best way to prep yourself for a cold day? Sort out your pants. Wanting to include some underwear in this feature, we checked out a couple of items from Boody, makers of undergarments which are made from bamboo. Yeah, really. The crew neck tee and boxer shorts we received are both of impressive quality, and despite bamboo having a reputation or being strong (y'know, because it's used as scaffolding in China FFS) both were very soft and extremely comfortable.

They're stretchy, too. The tee and the boxers are mostly bamboo but also include some spandex into the mix, making them flexible, and expandable. That is especially welcome in the boxers, as the cut is rather close anyway, so having extra room for your junk is welcome. We love how insulating they both are as base layers - perfect for the winter - and also how fit they make our chiselled forms look. No, YOU'RE welcome.

Crew neck t-shirt £29.95
Boxers £11.99

Visit boody.co.uk

Quiet Rebellion Socks

Staying on the underwear section, a decent pair of socks at this time of year will make all the difference. However, if you're still toiling away at the office each day, and can't really wear a thick pair of technical socks under your work shoes, might we suggest you quietly rebel. The Quiet Rebellion range of socks are all about looking sensible above the ankle line, but frivolous and wacky below. The foot section of each pair feature bright colours and interesting patterns, while upstairs it's all about business with sensible tones and a very noble embroidered logo.

If you're a decent person, you'll be spending much of your Christmas break dicking about the house in your socks, why not do so in style? The Quiet Rebellion socks are versatile as you'll be able to wear them to the office, while also being of a high and comfortable quality.

Pairs start from £12

Visit www.quietrebellion.com

Dobell Silver USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

And finally, something of a total novelty. No, these silver cufflinks from Dobell will not keep you warm, nor will they help you while trudging through snow. But, they will mean you'll be easily able to transfer the secret submarine plans to your Hungarian contact while at the opera house in Vienna. Or, y'know, downloaded episodes of Game of Thrones. Whatevs.

But these cufflinks, with twin 16GB flash drives, are great, using magnets to keep the drives secure, and a solid silver style that looks classy but understated. As a general accessory, or as a gift, they're great.


Visit www.dobell.co.uk

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