22 November 2017

NEWS: DipClip puts an end to saucy cars

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You know us: we love the very latest in sophisticated technology, from drones, to self driving cars, to nano bots that help with erections or something. However, we also love having an easy life and a non-sticky dashboard, which is why we're cock-a-hoop over the DipClip, a tiny piece of plastic currently looking for backing on Kickstarter.

The DipClip is a genius solution to a problem we all face: spilling our dipping sauce when eating fast food in the car. We've all been there. You go through McDonald's drive through, buy some fries or some chicken nuggets, and obviously get some sauce (we always recomend barbecue over ketchup, FYI) But then you have the age old problem of where to balance the sauce so you can easily reach it without knocking it over. DipClip solves that huge issue.

Designed to accommodate most fast food chains' sauce pots, and also coming with its own reservoir that you can fill yourself, the DipClip attaches to your car's air vent and lets you dip away in confidence. No more spilling it on your lap, dashboard, or children (we've all been there).

Pledges start at $15 for a two pack, so back yours today at www.kickstarter.com

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