23 October 2017

REVIEW: Lowepro DroneGuard CS 150

Droning on about protection.

Own a drone? After enthusing greatly about how much fun they are, and how they can be used to capture stunning images, you might complain about the total pain in the bum they can be to carry around. Larger drones usually need a dedicated backpack to keep them safe from damage during transit, but smaller drones are often just dropped into a bag. That's something you'll regret when you get to where you're going and all your propellers are bent and broken. To that end, invest in a drone carry case like the Lowepro DroneGuard CS 150.

The headline here is that this is a tough yet light zip-closing case designed to accommodate smaller selfie and photography drones. Actually, Lowepro have created this with the DJI Mavic Pro in mind, and the drone can fit in there snugly, as can the control transmitter, spare battery, extra props, and wires. However, the case is pretty universal and will accept lots of other smaller drones.

We used ours with the Xiro Xplorer Mini, that awesome folding drone that we reviewed here. We've experience of travelling with the Xplorer Mini, having taken it to Norway for this travel vlog. We would have killed for something like the Lowepro DroneGuard CS 150 then, as packing the drone in nothing but a soft bag was nerve-wracking - especially when our luggage had to be checked into the cargo hold of the plane and not carried on with us. The CS 150 would eliminate fears, as this thing is tough as old boots.

The body of the case is rigid, with harder shock-absorbing moulding on the corners. Inside, under the zipper that opens up three of the four sides, there is ample padding around the edges, base, and top, with a removable padded divider that can be shifted around depending on the shape of your drone. As you can see, we had the drone on one side, and the power adaptor and wires on the other. Included also is the 'transmitter pad', a very simple, but very useful, way to protect the sticks of a transmitter by sitting between them and stopping them from getting bent or snapped.  

The inside of the lid also features a removable accessories tray with plenty of bungees to secure extra bits. We image this would be the perfect place for extra props and cables, but we found it useful for a screwdriver (which we need to change the props on the Mini) and a bag of extra screws. Because it can be removed, you can pull out all your most used bits for whenever you need them, or just remove it altogether for bit f extra space.

There are loops on the front for extra storage, as well as belt loops on the back, so you can actually wear the case for quick drone access. It is flexible, light as a feather, and tough enough to keep the quad safe and secure, even when dropped. 

As more and more of us own drones these days, and  as more of us travel with them, this is exactly the kind of accessory your flying gadgets need.


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