24 October 2017

NEWS: This delivery drone folds up

You got mail.

Despite the press attention that drone delivery services get, the technology just isn't quite there yet. Battery issues, safety concerns, and legalities all make getting a reliable and regular service up and running difficult, which is why this small and folding cargo drone from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland is quite interesting. Check this out:

The drone has been designed to carry small packages (less than 0.5kg) over relativity short inner-city distances. What makes this drone different to the UAVs we've seen previously that have been suggested for delivery, is that it is smaller and lighter, and features a unique safety cage. The collapsible cage not only protects people from the rotors, but also secures the package in place.

The receiver simply grabs hold of the drone as it lands, then opens the cage to get the parcel. They can then either fold up the drone and drop it into their backpack (it folds down to one tenth of the flying size) or lets the automated piloting system fly it back to the sender. For short-range deliveries, such as across university campuses, this could be very useful.

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