2 October 2017

REVIEW: Carlton Jurassic World Augmented Reality Book

Dinosaurs in your living room!

If you enjoyed last year's Jurassic World movie, you might have imagined what it would be like to see real life dinosaurs yourself (hopefully without them trying to eat you). Well, thanks to a new book from Carlton, you can have a T-Rex stomping around your living room, kitchen, bedroom, garden, and wherever else you want. We check out the Carlton Jurassic World Augmented Reality Book.

For those out of the AR loop, augmented reality basically means that you point your phone at a certain image on the book's page and something will spring to life on the screen; something 'anchored' in the real world, so you can look at it and move around it. As you might have imaged, the Carlton Jurassic World Augmented Reality Book allows you to witness huge (and not so huge) dinosaurs coming to life.

The book doesn't follow a story as such, but rather treats the island on which the fictional - and doomed - theme park of Jurassic World is set as fact. So you get info about the dinos including size, weight, and special features, and also about where in the park they dwell. Then you simply point the free iCarlton app (iOS & Android) at the special code on that particular page, and then a 3D version of that dinosaur springs to life.

But the beasts aren't fixed in place, as you can use on-screen controls to walk them about, chasing your little brother or bothering your wife, and even alter their size. That's a nice feature, as a T-Rex probably won't fit into the average living room, so if you're playing indoors you can shrink them down to fit and make the AR experience more realistic.

The app then allows you to snap a photo of what is happening on screen - probably the most fun part of the whole thing. You can toddle a fearsome Indominus Rex up to someone without them realising it, take a picture, then share it with them. You could then send them a threatening message along with the photo, such as 'If dinosaurs were real, I'd get one to eat you', or 'I like to imagine ways in which you suffer.' Whatever.

This is a really fun book, that any young fan of the film, or dinosaurs in general, will love. The Carlton Jurassic World Augmented Reality Book pacts both facts and fun with immersive, playable action. Nice.


Visit www.carltonbooks.co.uk

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