1 October 2017

FEATURE: Cycling in the Autumn

Staying safe on two wheels.

The autumn might not present the dangers on the road that full-on winter does, but it is still a time to be wary of dark mornings and evenings, patches of ice, and being seen. To that end, we've searched through our archives and selected five cycling products that are perfect for keeping you rolling during the autumn.

Volt Pulse E-Bike

Let's start big. You might not think about changing your actual bike during the colder months, but doing so might be a good idea, especially if you normally ride a lightweight, thin-wheeled road bike (like this one). Not only is the Pulse from Volt electrically assisted to give you a helping boost on cold days, it also features thick, grippy tyres and a pretty weighty frame to keep you as balanced as possible. We reviewed last autumn and found that it helped a great deal on icy days, and you're able to go further on the same amount of energy. Because sometimes you're just knackered at this time of year, yeah?

Brainy Bike Lights

Of course you're going to need some new lights for you new bike, and the Brainy Bike Lights are a clever pair indeed. Based on the science that motorists better notice an illuminated bicycle sign over random red or white lights, the Brainy Bike Lights shine in that recognised shape. When reviewing them we used them in conjunction with other lights (especially a headlamp - see the next item) as they don't light your way so much as they make you be seen. But the stats are pretty encouraging for these things, making them a wise accessory.

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Blaze Laserlight

If you're cycling in the dark, you need a headlamp to light the way. The Laserlight from Blaze is appropriately named because as well as being a bright light beam that clamps onto your handlebars, it features a laser projector, throwing out the image of a bicycle onto the road before you. This is so motorists can see that you're coming along the street before they actually see you. In use, not only does it work perfectly, but it also gave us a lot more confidence when cycling around on dark roads. Waterproof and gorgeous looking, too.

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Proviz REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket

Being seen isn't just about how many lights you strap to your bike, but also about what you wear. The Proviz REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket is the most reflective, most noticeable piece of clothing we've ever tested, as the entire surface of the jacket is coated with reflective material. As well as that, it is insulative and waterproof, making it great to cycle in during the day, too.

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Not a product to keep you safe or seen, but one to keep your bike... yours. The Litelok is a tough yet lightweight bike lock that can be quickly wrapped around just about anything to secure your bike in place and make sure it is still there when you return to it. Each Litelok comes with a couple of Velcro straps so you can easily attach it to your bike while riding, so no more twisting a difficult-shaped lock around your saddle pole.

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