26 October 2017

NEWS:This robot bee can fly and swim

But can't make honey.

For the past few years Harvard University's Wyss Institute has been working on a tiny flying robot. Called the RoboBee, the device is just two centimetres wide and has been developed to act as a small search and rescue robot (but we also assume the US military is keen to weaponise them, as per usual). However, recent developments has seen the wee robo-bugs become capable of both swimming and breaking free of the water surface. And when you're that small and light, that is like smashing through a brick wall.

By taking in some of the water while swimming, the RoboBee is able to convert it to oxyhydrogen, making it more buoyant. Then, when at the surface, a small spark ignites the combustible gas to force the robot free of the surface tension, launching it into the air to fly once more.

Its an interesting development, as it means the RoboBug can now explore even more areas, as well as being to to save itself if it ever fell into water. But we all know there is a Trump-loving General watching this project, stroking his buzz-cut, and wondering how a small explosive can be fitted to it. Dread.

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