27 October 2017

NEWS: Resident Evil Nemesis - pumpkin version


One of those 'games of yesteryear' memories that have really stuck with us is being chased around by Nemesis; the hulking monstrous villain first seen in Resident Evil 3. We might not have played it since 2002, but still we occasionally hear that rasping voice cry "Stars!" and know that, if we're not carrying at least a grenade launcher, we're dead. Well now Halloween has been permanently ruined for us thanks to the Sculpture Geek, as he's carved a pumpkin into the likeness of our nightmares.

The carving is incredibly well done, and although you have to sit through a long intro, seeing this guy at work is amazing. From the smooth surface of the pumpkin comes that horrifying face, complete with teeth, staples, and single moist milky eye. Also, the way Sculpture Geek textures the skin is fantastic.

So although we can't really look at pumpkins the same way, knowing what could possibly be beneath that innocent-looking orange skin, you should definitely check out more of his work right there.

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