7 October 2017

NEWS: Funko release the portal gun from Rick and Morty

Wubba-lubba-replica, son!

If you're worried you'll suffer from withdrawal after Season Three of Rick and Morty came to an end, worry not - you can go on your own inter-dimensional adventures until Season Four lands. That is because Funko, of 'Pops' fame, are releasing their own replica version of Rick's portal gun.

The eight inch toy looks just like the gun from the TV show, and Funko say that it lights up, glows in the dark, and features sounds, too. Even if it did nothing, we'd still want - nay, need - one because, come on, it's Rick's portal gun!

Due to be released in December, Amazon has it currently for $14.99 pre-order. No news yet about when it will be available in the UK. Soon, we hope.

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