8 October 2017

FEATURE: Our favourite inventor YouTube channels

Build it and they will watch.

Often the best kind of gadgets aren't those you buy from a store, but rather the ones you build yourself. If you have an interest in tinkering, inventing, and modding, you're not alone as there are lots of YouTube channels out there to inspire you. As we love nothing better than watching clever people build there own crazy contraptions, we've gathered together five of our favourite inventor YouTube channels for you to check out.

Simone Giertz

Simone builds robots, usually with hilarious outcomes. We recently featured an invention of hers in a news story; the Baby Drone. Suggesting strapping children to the underside of drones notwithstanding, the channel is filled with fun robotic creations which Simone uses to improve her life. Again, in a very tongue in cheek kind of way.

Check out Simone's channel right here.

Peter Sripol

Peter is a young guy who lives with his parents and builds stuff in their basement. Sounds kinda geeky, and it totally is... in the best possible way. Peter has a background in drones and RC and used to work with another favourite channel of ours, FliteTest (which we featured here). He builds everything from model aircraft to radio controlled flame-throwing Thomas the Tank Engine toys. Fun stuff.

Check out Peter's channel right here.

Colin Furze

We have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Colin; we love the stuff he builds, but we find it really difficult to watch him without the urge to punch his face clean off his head. Colin is without a doubt one of the most annoying people on YouTube, with hyper-extrovert energy and faux-Cockney accent. BUT... damn, the stuff he makes are pretty inventive, from high-tech hoverbikes, to low-tech beach huts with two-story basements.

Check out Colin's channel right here.

The Backyard Scientist

Less inventor and more an experimenter, The Backyard Scientist conducts crazy scientific tests in his backyard (as you might have guessed). These experiments usually revolve around the question of 'what happens if xxxx reacts with xxxx' and you can expect molten metals poured over fruits, flame throwers, and lashings of liquid nitrogen. Don't try any of this stuff yourself.

Check out The Backyard Scientist right here.

David Windestal

This Swedish creator is another ex-member of FliteTest, and probably one of the most talented drone and quadcopter pilots in the world. However, his channel is a mix of crazy inventions, usually geared around RC, as well as stunning FPV videos. Recently the channel has been all about Rocket Knife; a rocket-propelled combat knife David uses to slice and stab any number of objects and materials. It's oddly addictive.

Check out David's channel right here.

Like our five favourite Inventor YouTube channels? Have any of your own? Let us know on Twitter.

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