27 September 2017

NEWS: The Baby Drone replaces your stroller

Pack extra nappies. 

Parents of babies: are you sick of having to push your baby around in a pram, pushchair, or stroller? Does your back ache from having to carry those lazy lumps about? If so, get yourself a Baby Drone: an infant carrier that hangs from the underside of a drone, letting you fly your baby around.


Obviously (and thankfully) this is just a joke, featured in a video by Simone Giertz. However, there is something about the notion of using drones to ferry our kids around that rings true, and we're wondering how long it will be before someone actually attempts this for real. We've reported on personal VTOL aircraft before, but hey... babies are lighter than adults, so surely it would be easier?

These are dark, and very funny, times. 

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