26 September 2017

FEATURE: 5 YouTube Tech channels we love

The ones to (literally) watch.

Hopefully you guys all turn to us when you want to watch a gadget or technology review video on YouTube (if not, you should definitely subscribe right here). However, for us it can get pretty boring watching our own YouTube review videos over and over, and so we subscribe to some other people who do almost as great a job at it as we do. Here our our Top 5 YouTube Tech channels.

Mr Mobile

By no means the  biggest or most popular channel on this list, Mr Mobile (AKA Michael Fisher) is a professional tech reviewer through and through. Concentrating mostly on smartphones, Mr Mobile's videos are slick, incredibly well shot, and feature a luuuuurvly voice-over by the man himself. Seriously, he sounds like a 1950s American game show announcer, but looks only to be in his early thirties. Still, awesome and very thorough and descriptive reviews all round.

Check out Mr Mobile right here.

Unbox Therapy

One of the biggest names in YouTube tech reviews, Unbox Therapy features a mix of reviews and features, all done in a very consistent and entertaining style. As well as featuring the latest in smartphones, laptops, and drones, Unbox Therapy does a good job at showcasing dirt-cheap toys and gadgets as well, making the videos quite accessible. We likey.

Check out Unbox Therapy right here.


If you love gadget news as well as reviews, and to tune into a pretty big company's output, CNET could be for you. A large team of people produce a huge mix of videos, from phone reviews, to news on the latest tech innovations. Some funny, some deadly serious, you really have to browse the channel's playlist to find what you like.

Check out CNET right here.


Old favourites of ours, FliteTest isn't strictly a tech review channel, but they do review the latest drones and quadcopters as part of their video series. If you love model aviation, from DJI's latest photography drone, to motorised paper aeroplanes you can make yourself, FliteTest is the place to go. We also really love the team atmosphere of the channel, with regular people presenting and joking around. We heartily recommend.

Check out FliteTest right here.

Marques Brownlee

We were introduced to Marques' channel when he made an appearance in a Casey Neistat video (who we also also love and recommend, but he isn't really a tech reviewer). Marques (or 'MKBHD') makes downright gorgeous and slow-paced review videos about just about anything new and popular. The style of filming is always extremely professional, with the emphasis often very much off the presenter and on the product in all its glory.

Check out Marques Brownlee right here.

Like our Top 5 YouTube Tech channels? What are your favourites? Let us know on Twitter (and subscribe to our own channel right here!).

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