3 August 2017

REVIEW: VQ Monty DAB Radio

Retro rhythms.

Stats released recently revealed that more people than ever in the UK are listening to digital radio. That makes total sense, and not just due to the wealth of stations digital radio offers, but because DAB radios are finally getting cool. No longer the thing you get your gran for her birthday because she loves Radio 4, DAB Radios are slick and convenient entertainment centres that every home should own. To that end, we've been kicking back with the VQ Monty.

VQ is a new name on us. They produce a range of radios with a retro twist, and The Monty seems to be their flagship product, and its easy to see why. Upright and sturdy, The Monty has the curves and dimensions of a 1950s wireless, but with a bright LCD screen up front, and an easy-on-the-fingers wooden body. There is a carry handle on top, a speaker grill on the front, and also a headphone jack for private bedtime listening.

However, if all that sounds pretty underwhelming, catch these deets: The VQ Monty is DAB and DAB+ compatible, as well being able to receive conventional FM frequencies. It also features Bluetooth, allowing it to be used as separate wireless speaker for your phone or tablet, and has a 10W single speaker, so it packs a surprising punch.

And that was the most remarkable thing about the VQ Monty - the oomph it can deliver. Once we'd gotten over the touchy-feely walnut exterior (oak is also available), we tuned into the first station we could find and cranked up the volume. The sound was nice and clear, and the bass was deep and rich. Certainly this thing performed far better as a sound system than we had first expected.

VQ are clearly targeting this at the bedside table crowd, as The Monty features an alarm clock. It also lets you set two different alarms; one for week days, the other for weekends, and having your favourite station gradually turn on first thing in the morning is always a nice way to start the day. And, while you've been sleeping, you could have been charging your phone, as the rear of the radio features a full-sized USB port to connect a charging cable. Nice touch.

Although designed for the bedside, we've actually been mostly using ours in the kitchen. It makes for a great dish-washing entertainment tool, as if there is nothing on the many (many) DAB stations out there in the digital world, you can always hook up your phone via Bluetooth and stream from Spotify or YouTube or wherever you get your tunes from.

It looks the business, it sounds impressive, and the versatility of both DAB and Bluetooth makes it a very flexible bit of kit. Check it out.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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