4 August 2017

NEWS: This computer fits in your wallet

A pocket Pi.

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a small and slim micro computer. If you're building something compact it is a very useful little thing, especially for mobile computing projects. However, YouTube tinkerer N-O-D-E has worked out a way to make the Pi 3 even slimmer, creating a DIY and 3D-printed computer that can slide into your wallet. 

The Raspberry Pi 3 Slim is only 7mm thick, containing a modified Pi 3. N-O-D-E removed any unnecessary bulk from the Pi, and soldered on three Micro USB ports to the edge, before setting it in a 3D-printed case. Check it out:

The result is probably one of the most compact computing solutions you can get, without having to spend a fortune. N-O-D-E states that he plans to create a build video of him making alterations, and the plans to download and print the case are already available for free. If you need a computer that could be slipped into or onto just about anything, this is perfect.

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