18 August 2017

REVIEW: Intempo Capsule Pill Speaker

See your music.

Portable Bluetooth speakers are much of a muchness these days, especially the ones priced under £50. There are literally thousands of makes and models to choose from, coming in all shapes, sizes and colours. So when one comes along that stands out from the crowd, if only slightly, we're interested. That's how we feel about the Intempo Capsule Pill Speaker.

First and foremost, this is a lightweight Bluetooth speaker, one designed to be charged up and carried around in your bag, or moved around the house to wherever you need the tunes. The Intempo Capsule Pill Speaker comes in at around £35, so you might not be expecting much in the way of audio power, right?

Well, you're right. It packs two 3W speakers in there, which together combine to make fairly decent sounds. The resulting quality is certainly 'room-filling' but not staggering, so don't expect to impress your party guests by "raising da roof" at your next gathering. However, they might be impressed by the Intempo Capsule Pill Speaker's USP, as this baby lights up.

The front grill has embedded LED lights beneath it, so as soon as you switch the speaker on it will light up in several colours. After that, and once you're connected via Bluetooth to your musical source, the lights will throb and blink along to the track currently playing. It's like a mobile '80s disco in your pocket.

Yes, it is a bit of a novelty, but one we actually rather like. We mention discos but the chances are you aren't going to use this for anything other than personal music listening, be it while doing the dishes, or sat at your desk while you work. It's a bit of fun, and the lights make it even more so. Add to that the fact that the built-in battery only lasts a couple of hours (which isn't great), and this is definitely more a speaker you're going to keep indoors and close by.

That said, the Intempo Capsule Pill Speaker does have a Micro SD card slot into which you can slide a card with some music loaded onto it, eliminating the need for a Bluetooth connection (it features an Aux port, too), so making it even more convenient.

So although it won't blow you socks off, the Intempo Capsule Pill Speaker offers some light and entertainment relief in a sea of carbon-copy Bluetooth speakers.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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