18 August 2017

NEWS: Ghost hunter uses XBox Kinect to track ghosts

Creepiest game ever.

You've probably experienced how much fun a game played on the XBox using the Kinect camera can be, but you might not have realised what else it can be used for. The motion tracking camera might be great at keeping track of your dance moves, but it could also find uninvited guests in your home... according to Australian ghost hunter Graham Lewis.

A self-proclaimed paranormal expert, Lewis built a unique ghost finding device by combining the Kinect camera with a hard drive recorder and small screen. It can then be set up up anywhere to track the movements of people, and, y'know, ghosts, as they move around. Lewis claims to have captured the image of small apparition in the video below, in a building in Sydney where a man who worked there had recently lost his young son. Check it out:

What do you think? Undoubtedly the Kinect is tracking something, but remember the camera is designed to find human shapes so as to better interpret their movements. In an interview with Neowin, Lewis explained: "On the screen, I noticed a small figure the size of a child. The figure seemed to be limping, and when I waved the little figure waved back, Libby said to me straight away, 'that's little Oliver, the son of a former worker at the station'".

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the Kinect surely is capable of tracking even the slightest of movements impressively well. If you fancy building your own ghost hunter with one, let us know what you find, eh?

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