27 August 2017

NEWS: RC Slave 1!!!

Perfect for a teeny Boba Fett.

When we reviewed the Propel Star Wars Speeder Bike drone, we were pretty impressed (but not by the price). However, as cool as the Speeder Bikes in ROTJ were, they had nothing on Boba Fett's ship, Slave 1. So imagine our glee to see that on the latest vlog episode of Flite Test, they've actually build an RC version.

The drone, which is actually a bi-copter, was built by Adam Woodworth, the same guy who created the amazing scale model of the LEGO aeroplane which really flew. Check out the episode below to see the Slave 1 in action, and also a few glimpses of Adam's other RC creations, including the LEGO Space Shuttle.

If you're used to seeing only quad or tri-copters, watching a bi-copter fly is pretty impressive, especially when it's wrapped up to look like Slave 1. You can also see Adam's build of an RC A-10 fighter, which Andres of Flite Test flies like a total pro. We're just hoping that one day we'll be able to review something from Adam.

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