26 August 2017

FEATURE: Bluetooth speakers for students

Taking your tunes with you.

If you're off to university in the next couple of months, you've probably already kitted yourself out with life essentials (we had a stab at some ideas right here), but have you considered your music? Taking a large stereo system might not be practical, especially if you're moving into tiny digs. So our advice is get yourself a portable Bluetooth speaker; both for your room, and around campus. Here's five we like.

Jam Heavy Metal

First up is this powerful beast from Jam Audio. The Heavy Metal is well named as it is wrapped in solid aluminium and blasts out the tunes in 360 degrees. It is slightly heavier than your average portable Bluetooth speaker, but tougher with it. The sound quality was rich and deep, and the thing handles bass like a God-damn pro.


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Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker

Whereas the Jam Heavy Metal was sturdy and solid, the Fugoo Tough could beat the shit out of it. This speaker is designed to be used in all conditions, and we mean all. Waterproof, dust-proof, drop-proof... the Tough can withstand all kinds of damage and hardships, while also sounding great. If you're intending to take your speaker out on adventures with you (or on a boozy afternoon in the park with mates), this is for you. Bit pricey, mind.


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KitSound Slam 2

This compact boombox from KitSound first of all wins points for the price. At time of writing this weighs in at less than £60, and considering the sheer oomph this thing can kick out, that's awesome. As well as the clear highs and deep bass, the KitSound Slam 2 Bluetooth Speaker is splash proof, so pool parties are a go. Just need to find a pool, now.


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Edifier MP233

The smallest speaker on the list, it is also the lightest, making it the perfect choice for those of you planning to lug it about campus and to parties. However, despite the smaller size, the MP233 still delivered in terms of sound quality, and we loved how immersive the tunes were, seemingly projecting music in all directions. The speakerphone element also works very well, if you're into that kind of thing. Decent price, too.


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AC Worldwide Star Wars C-3PO Speaker

Okay okay, this one is pretty niche. If you're a huge Star Wars fan, or if you really love camp gold robots, the C-3PO Bluetooth Speaker from AC Worldwide is for you. We video reviewed it, but found that once you get over the fact that a droid's head is sitting on your desk, constantly staring at you, the speaker if actually exceptionally good. If you're a die-hard Star Wars fan (and you don't mind the people who come into your dorm room knowing it) get it, and they do Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper, too.


Watch our video review right here.

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