7 August 2017

NEWS: Be 'that guy' on the Uno Bolt

Uno what we mean...

This is the Uno Bolt; a motorised unicycle-cum-personal transporter that is currently seeking backing on Kickstarter. As you can see it has just the one wheel, a seat, handlebars, and it also boasts lights, an over-leaning safety system, a top speed of 22mph, and a maximum range of 25 miles. With a charge time of only 45 minutes for the removable battery, it sounds like the ideal commuting vehicle, right?

Although we usually enthuse greatly about this kind of thing (and occasionally interview like-minded inventors), the Uno Bolt just looks... uncool. Of all the small, portable, and energy efficient vehicles we've seen on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, this one really misses the mark in terms of desirability from us. We simply wouldn't want to be seen on it. Unicycles are the opposite of cool anyway, so add a battery and some handlebars and all you do is tip it further into Loserville.

Are we being harsh? Let us know. Maybe you'd love to pass a bus stop full of kids on one of these, but we wouldn't. Still, if you're interested in getting one, check out the project at www.kickstarter.com Pledges start from $999.

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