21 July 2017

REVIEW: Kärcher SC3 Steam Cleaner

Getting steamy.

If you've delayed your spring clean well into the summer (spring of three years ago, that is) then maybe it is time to start thinking about getting it done. However, if you dread the thought of scrubbing and spraying harmful chemicals around your house, relax. What you need is the power of water and heat and that is just what a steam cleaner can bring. We check out the Kärcher SC3 Steam Cleaner.

In the past we reviewed a mix of gadgets from Kärcher, namely vacuum cleaners and pressure washers, but never a steam cleaner. In fact, a steam cleaner isn't really an appliance we tend to use at Test Pit Towers, so the past couple of weeks of using the SC3 have been something of an eye-opener.

First up, the device itself. The Kärcher SC3 Steam Cleaner is a compact rolling cleaner with a nozzle on the front and a carry handle on the top. It comes in that distinctive Kärcher yellow and black; a colour scheme we're rather fond of as well. Apart from the cleaner itself, the pack contains a couple of extending tubes, the floor cleaning head, close-up detail brush heads, and a few microfiber cloths. And, just as with other Kärcher gadgets, all the accessories clip on or attach to the main unit, making storage and organisation a breeze.

In use, the Kärcher SC3 Steam Cleaner is remarkably simple to set up. It takes only tap water to work, and once the tank is full and you switch it on, it is ready to go after less than a minute. After that it all depends on what attachments you have fitted as to what job the SC3 performs. For example, the floor cleaning head can be used, with the removable cloth clipped on, to clean laminate, stone, and tile floors, and without any harsh scrubbing. Just rubbing the cloth over the surface with the hot steam pumping out seems to lift the dirt and grime directly off.

We were honestly amazed at how good the cleaning power was, considering there are no chemicals or cleaning agents involved. Although we expected windows and shower screens to come out looking good, we were surprised by the effectiveness of the small brush attachment. Dirt and even thick and crusty calcification that had formed around the base of taps and plug holes was simply blasted away. After the first clean of the bathroom we wanted to go round to the neighbour's and offer to do theirs (but we don't get on following the 'drone through the greenhouse roof' incident of '15).

The Kärcher SC3 Steam Cleaner is not an every day item, unlike their range vacuum cleaners, but neither is a pressure washer. We found that, after giving the whole house a once over, we probably wouldn't need to do the same for another month or so, which is fine with us. Knowing also that the intense heat from the steam has killed germs and bacteria - certainly to a greater extent than cleaning the dining room table with a few baby wipes (true story) - providing huge peace of mind.

We love the speed at which it 'warms up' and the overall compact size and design, but the Kärcher SC3 Steam Cleaner seems to really excel exactly where it should; in cleaning your home. Check it out.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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