22 July 2017

NEWS: Luke's Landspeeder now available!

But only for stupid, stupid kids...

After the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star, the most iconic vehicle from Star Wars: A New Hope has to be Luke's trusty Landspeeder. If you've ever dreamed of cruising over the sand dunes of Tatooine in one, that might soon become a reality. If you're a kid, that is.

Now taking pre-orders at the US Toys-R-Us site is Radio Flyer's version of the Landspeeder, albeit a non-hovering, battery powered kind. Available for $499.99, Luke's Landspeeder has a 12V battery and can reach speeds of up to 5mph, so you might have difficulty out-running those Sand People. Still, there is room enough for two, although the maximum weigh allowance is 130lb, so kiddos only, we're afraid.

Which is quite frankly bullshit if you ask us. Look at those stupid kids in the video above. What do they know of Star Wars? They probably grew up thinking Jar Jar Binks is really cool, and that the prequel movies are the best. Little idiots. Quite frankly, until Radio Flyer make an adult sized Landspeeder, we're boycotting all of their products.

If you're in the States and fancy getting one when they are released in September, visit www.toysrus.com

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