20 July 2017

NEWS: Tragic robot takes own life

We need to talk about this.

Remember a few months back when we reported on a security robot that had been assaulted by a human? Well, it seems that tragedy follows the K5 make of automated patrol bot around, as one recently committed suicide in Washington DC. A moment of silence, please.

The robot, which is designed to slowly wander around an area, scanning the environment with cameras, was found in the fountain in an office block as workers arrived there in the morning. It isn't known what drove the robot to end it's own life, although one witness reported that he had been having problems at home.

This tragic incident does highlight the need for greater sensitivity where our artificially intelligent friends are concerned, and we feel if only he would have been able to talk about it, he might have lived. There now follows a period of mourning.


Done. Cheers!

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