12 July 2017

NEWS: This frisbee... HAS A CAMERA!

Because everything else does.

Behold the VFO, or Video Flying Object; a Frisbee with a 720p camera attached to the top. The idea is that as you throw the disc, the camera will record the flight, kept stable (in theory) by that rear fin. It sounds fun, and we do love anything that flies that also possesses a camera, but let's be honest, this will be crap... as evidenced by the below promo video in which they only show three seconds of the camera's footage:

And even that three seconds is pants.

Still, this does look good fun, especially when played on a sunny beach with bathing suit clad models. In reality, if you bought one of these you'd end up recording poor quality footage of your brother or sister screaming at the object flying towards their face, then a close up look of some grass in the park.

But props to the creators nonetheless, as we'd like to see a camera come preinstalled in everything that takes to the skies. Just because.

Get yous, here.

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