13 June 2017

REVIEW: Contrado Personalised Slippers

Yep, we went there.

We're pretty awesome. How do we know that? Because we have branded Test Pit slippers. Oh yeah, baby. We're lounging around our gaff in our very own logo'd-up slippers... and you could too. Checking out a great idea for a Father's Day gift, we review the Contrado Personalised Slippers.

Contrado do some cool things with printing. They make fabrics, clothing, and other novelties to order, where customers can design their prints and even upload images and photos to make original and personal items. When given a free run of the online shop, we opted for a pair of something every dad needs - slippers. Making them was easy as pie.

The Contrado website is nicely laid out and very easy to use. You simply pick the product you want, choose the size, and then enter the editing area. Here you can upload images (or pick some from the many pre-loaded pictures) and then over-lay it onto your item of clothing. The editor lets you adjust the size and position to get it right, then you hit done.

For our slippers we decided to go with the standard Test Pit yellow and black stripes logo (as we did with this phone case). Once the image was loaded and we put it in the correct position on both shoes, we could add some text. Just like with the images you can adjust the words you place, playing about with fonts and sizes. The text can go quite small, too, so if you're designing a t-shirt with a large message on it, you can without loosing resolution.

When we had 'THE TEST PIT' right where we wanted it, we passed through the check out, entered delivery details, and then waited... and not for long, either. Two days later our slippers arrived in a pretty pink pouch. Jolly comfy they are, too. We were happy to see that although the process of making them was quick, the slippers themselves aren't cheap, and they seem very well made and robust.

Obviously this would make the best Father's Day gift ever, combining those two things that all men crave: comfort and weird, novelty items. We went for our own logo, but if you're designing a pair for your dad, why not go nuts and upload your beaming face with the slogan 'I %$£&ing love my son/daughter!' Your dad will love to wear those all Sunday long.

From £38

Check out the slippers, as well as other easy to make personalised items, at www.contrado.co.uk

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