12 June 2017

NEWS: Smart home tech becoming standard in new builds

Building smart.

We get sent a lot of clever kit for the home, from smart thermostats, and smoke detectors, to security systems and lighting. As you can imagine Test Pit Towers is pretty advanced as a result, despite the building itself dating from the 1940s. And that is how most smart-home systems have worked in the past: you get a house, then you buy all the stuff you want to make it smart... until now. A Seattle-based homebuilder has revealed that all of their future builds will have smart technology built into them as standard – just like how new houses come with water and electricity.

Quadrant Homes, based in Bellevue, Washington, will start to offer customers smart packages as standard, meaning that when you move into you brand new house, you'll already have these features active and running. Nest thermostats, Caseta Wireless lighting, Ring video doorbells, and Lutron automated window blinds will all come ready to use on their newest builds. The thinking is that people will be buying these products for their homes anyway, so sticking them in there at the time of build will entice more customers.

It is an interesting story as it reveals that the construction industry is starting to realise how important smart and wireless features of a home are to new and younger customers, reducing the 'novelty' appeal of smart tech. Soon, controlling your heating and lighting with your phone will be as standard and as everyday as twisting a dial on a box is now. Exciting stuff.

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