21 June 2017

NEWS: Check out this immense Star Wars LEGO diorama

The (brick) Battle for Geonosis.

If you love Star Wars LEGO, this huge layout might make you jealous. Created by Doug Davis and friends, and displayed at Brick World Indianapolis 2017 recently, this massive diorama depicts the Battle of Geonosis, as featured in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The set-up has tens of thousands of LEGO pieces and more than 2000 minifigs. But there's more...

The whole scene was captured by Beyond the Brick in this interview with Doug:

God-damn, that droid factory is incredible. The display itself is hugely impressive, but to also motorise the factory where the droids are built goes above and beyond. There is a great sense of action in the scene, and as you watch the video you'll notice lots of movie-accurate details, such as particular Jedi charging into battle, and named-characters doing what they did in Episode II. And Batman is there, too. Which is fine with us.

As regular visitors might be aware, we've got a shit-tonne of LEGO laying around, but if anyone wants to join their collection to ours we could together build something this awesome, too. Lets do it!

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