20 May 2017

NEWS: Build your own flaming skateboard

Flame and fortune.

Skateboarding is cool, certainly. If you're any good at it, you'll be able to perform tricks and stunts to impress anyone. But, if you've already mastered the Ways of the Board, and are looking to make it that little bit more awesome, we have but one suggestion: FIRE BOARD!

The Flamethrower Skateboard was created by Mike Warren and uses a small petrol tank suspended below a modified skateboard. When the rider presses the ignition switch with their foot, fuel is released and squirted through an electrical spark, creating the short lived flames. As you can see, it looks frickin' cool.

Although it might not be the safest of inventions (don't expect any toy companies to be releasing their own version any time soon) you can try to build one yourself. Mike has made the plans available on Instructables, giving you step by step help on creating your own Flamthrower Skateboard. Go!

If you survive, let us know how it went.

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