24 April 2017

NEWS: No more punctures with these airless tyres

The pump industry collapses. 

If you're a cyclist you'll know the total misery of getting a flat tyre - especially when you're 24 miles from home, you don't have a repair kit, and it's started to rain. Well, thanks Japanese company Bridgestone, that experience could soon be labelled as something that 'used to happen' if you get their new airless tyres.

The thinking behind these innovative tyres is to continue the spokes out to the very edge of the wheel, removing the air-filled inner tube. The red part of the wheels is thermoplastic resin making it exceptionally strong, but also flexible. As the plastic spokes won't change shape as you ride (like traditional tyres do) it will make your cycle more efficient and cost you less energy. Plus, let's be honest, they look pretty baddass.

Bridgestone are intending to get the wheel out to consumers world-wide buy 2019, so soon we could all be dashing around on a pair of these. Throw away your pumps, people of the bike!

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