6 March 2017

REVIEW: Venturer PrimePro 12TS

Two birds, one slate.

Like most tech-savvy people, you might possibly use your laptop for work and your tablet for fun. However, they are both essentially big screens that show stuff, so why not combine them? That's the thinking behind 2-in-1 tablets, a niche in the gadget world that is growing in popularity. A laptop that can be detached to use as a tablet, and a tablet that docks to be used as a laptop? Yup, and we've been playing with a very capable one. We check out the Venturer PrimePro 12TS.

We're no stranger to Venturer's products, having reviewed both the Elitewin and the Bravowin 2-in-1s. However, whereas both of those devices had an acceptable degree of internal specs, good for web surfing, a bit of work, and the occasional Netflix sesh, the Venturer PrimePro 12TS has kicked things into 12th gear.

Before we tackle specs, the device itself: this is a tablet with a 12.2 inch screen (so larger than average) that runs Windows 10. Because of that, you know that Venturer have aimed this product at business and work users, as despite having a finger-friendly tablet mode, Windows 10 just can't complete with Android when it comes to apps and functionality on a mobile device. But if you're concerned that tablets are a pain in the arse to use for work, fret not.

Included with the Venturer PrimePro 12TS tablet itself is a detachable keyboard, just like the previous two products we've tested from Venturer. However, this keyboard features a wrap-around case which not only protects the tablet when in transit, but also acts as a prop for the screen. That way you can prop up the tablet at the correct angle and have a full-sized keyboard available for use. Hey presto... it's now a laptop.

Immediately you notice an improvement over other 2-in-1s due to the size. That 12.2” diagonal screen means the keyboard is bigger and feels just like typing on a “real” laptop. It even features a trackpad and is slim enough not to add too much bulk to the PrimePro 12TS, but substantial enough not to wobble or bend as you strike the keys.

The tablet itself looks quite like others we've seen from Venturer, so not overly pretty. It, just like the others, have an industrial and solid appearance, with sharp edges and no attempts to hide the array of ports on the side. This we don't mind at all – primarily because we were more interested in using it as an ultra portable laptop. But if you're someone who holds their tablet for a great deal of time, you might find it uncomfortable after a while.

Speaking of ports, Venturer have not disappointed. They've crammed into the tablet what you would normally find on a laptop of this size: you get the usual Micro USB, Micro SD card slot, and headphone port, but also a full-sized USB (good for plugging in a wireless mouse dongle, work fans), and a HDMI port for connecting to screens and projectors. There is also a 5V power port to plug it in to charge, but it will also charge from the Micro USB, like any good mobile device.

On the inside the Venturer PrimePro 12TS boasts 4GB of RAM, an Intel Atom Quad Core brain, and 64GB of built-in storage (which can obviously be expanded thanks to the Micro SD slot). This makes it nice and quick, and it can handle Windows 10 very well, even with multiple apps, programmes and web pages open and running simultaneously. Something like this, and at this price, will never be able to out-perform a dedicated and high-end laptop, but considering the size and weight of the Venturer PrimePro 12TS, this is great.

The 1920x1200p screen is bright and crisp, and playback of HD content looks crisp. On a full charge the battery will last about seven or eight hours with pretty standard use, and it's nice knowing that using the keyboard won't drain the battery. It attaches via magnets to the connector on the underside of the tablet and is easy to pop on and off.

Start up is quick, the touch screen is responsive, and the complete package only weighs 1.5kg. That might sound like a lot for what is essentially a tablet, but this is a big tablet running laptop-like specs with a “proper” keyboard case attached. For all that, we're more than willing to carry the extra weight.

As a compact laptop, running the only desktop OS we're ever really enthusiastic about (sorry Apple), the Venturer PrimePro 12TS is great, and being able to yank off the screen for some finger fun (tee hee) and media is a huge bonus. Just don't buy this is you're only interested in it as a tablet – the thickness, weight and Windows 10 don't make for an easy mobile ride. As the name suggests, this is a 2-in-1 for a reason. Check it out.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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