28 March 2017

REVIEW: G-Technology G-DRIVE slim SSD USB-C

Slim storage.

As we use our phones and tablet more and more these days, overtaking our laptop and desktops computers, the world of accessories really needs to catch up. If you've ever had to transfer a butt load of media and files from your phone to your laptop, only to them transfer that to an external hard-drive, you've probably wished there was an easier, more direct, way. There is... the G-Technology G-DRIVE slim SSD USB-C.

In essence, this is a small, light, and slim external storage drive. It boasts a tactile aluminium body, a plastic bumper around the edge, and either 500GB or 1TB storage options. We tested the 500GB version, but both come with a USB C port, as the name suggests.

USB C had a slow and difficult start, but it is quickly becoming the norm, with many Android phones coming as standard with the connector (like this one), not to mention the new Apple MacBook which has done away with conventional USB ports altogether (much to many people's annoyance). However, the G-Technology G-DRIVE slim SSD USB-C tackles the mix of opinions around the port by including both a C to C cable (for phones and MacBooks) and also a C to A cable (for normal USB laptops).

We tested ours on a Windows 10 laptop and were very impressed. It is a solid state drive, so as well as the added convenience of no moving parts or noise from the drive, the transfer speeds are lickety-slick. G-Technology claim the drive can shift data at up to 540mb/s, and they ain't mucking around. When connected to a USB 3.0 port we were able to copy and read large video files in mere seconds.

The G-Technology G-DRIVE slim SSD USB-C is also astonishingly light and the first time we picked it up we assumed we'd been sent an empty drive casing. It feels very tough and robust too, and the sides of the body don't press inwards. All in all, a solid (state – tee hee) bit of kit designed to be lugged around.

A specifically USB C hard drive will be music to MacBook owner's ears, as they continue to bang on about how annoying those USB compatible dongles are. As for the rest of us, this is a quick drive with some good looks and a very portable form factor.


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