28 March 2017

NEWS: Google Home coming to the UK

Alexa is worried.

Announced today at an event in Google's temporary London home is the news that the search giant will be bringing it's home assistant to the UK. Currently Google Home (and the Google WiFi router) are only available in the US, and have only been so since November of last year. With the news of the 6th April release date, Britons will now have a choice of home assistant other than Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot.

Furthermore, Google is undercutting Amazon in the price department, with a Home costing £129; £20 less than an Echo. The speaker, which searches the internet and undergoes basic smart-home functions, features swappable covers, with additional covers costing £18 for fabric and £36 for metal. 

Google Home has also been specifically altered to better suit British users, with services from the BBC, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Sky, and others available from the start. We're interested to give the device a go once UK models start rolling out.

Find out more at madeby.google.com

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