26 March 2017

REVIEW: Fitness Genes

Inside fitness.

Remember a while back when one of our number spat into a test tube as part of their job? Well we're back at it again, just for you lot! This time however, instead of trying the genetic history tracing service 23andMe, we're thinking more about out fitness thanks to Fitness Genes.

If you fancy taking your work out to the next level, but would like something tailor made for you without shelling out for a personal trainer, you may want to check out the DNA anaylsis kit from Fitness Genes. Fitness Genes helps you to achieve your desired goal – whether that be lose weight, get lean, build muscle, by taking an in-depth look at a variety of genes specifically related to your health and fitness. Alongside a thorough analysis of what it all means, you also get tailored workouts designed to help you start your journey.

It's all very straightforward too. Fitness Geness sends you a DNA test kit in the post with easy to follow instructions. It's all strikingly similar to the kit 23 And Me sent us, but then again how different would a DNA gather spit tube be? All you have to do is get your gob juicy and let it pour into the tube they provide, until you reach the sample line. The close it up securely, package it up in the sample bag provided, taking note of you specific sample number on the slip they provide, and then seal it back up in the box. That's it. The box is already labelled so you just have to shove it in the post and wait your results.

The whole thing takes a few weeks, but as soon as you send off your sample, you log onto the Fitness Genes website and create your own profile, adding the unique sample number, and answering a few questions related to your goals, and your body type. Meanwhile, back at the lab at Fitness Genes headquarters, they analyse the cheek cells in your saliva, looking at very specific genes to do with strength, endurance, power, metabolism, speed, muscle strength, blood pressure, sleep cycle and more.

Once your results are in, you'll get an email notifying you to your Action Blueprint, which is all pretty exciting. It contains all the training and nutrition strategies they recommend for someone with your specific genetic profile. It'll tell you how best achieve strength gains, what volume of workouts you should be doing, and what kind of workouts will have biggest impact on your body type.

You'll also get some really interesting insights into your nutrition too – whether or not you're lactose intolerant (in case you didn't already know), how your body responds to saturated fat intake, and your ability to metabolise caffeine (for example, if you are a fast caffeine metaboliser then caffeine leaves your system much quicker than it will others). And you also get an analysis of the gene related to circadian rhythms, which relates to how well you sleep, whether you are a night owl or morning lark, and how that may interfere with muscle recovery or weight loss goals.

There's definitely a lot to process but the whole experience is fascinating and can really help you adjust your lifestyle to benefit your health and help you achieve your fitness goals. The strategies and custom action plan provided can make a marked difference to your workout and general lifestyle, and gives much food for thought.

Is it worth it? Well, like anything this specifically aimed at your fitness goals, yes and no. If you only care about being active and eating healthy in the most casual way possible, then no. The revealed info will wash completely over your head, and it doesn't present genetic history insights like 23andMe does. However, if you have fitness goals beyond the average mortal, and are looking maximise your work-outs as much as you can, it really is worth it. Thanks the test our reviewer took, she now knows to try more intensive workouts to match her body type, so hopes to see improvements. It's fascinating and, if we're being honest, fun. Check it out.

£149 (for the basic kit, but there is also £169 and £199)

Visit fitnessgenes.com


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