1 March 2017

REVIEW: Aldi Restaurant at Home Specialbuy Range

Cheque please.

Going out for a meal is a special treat... but it can be bloody expensive. Fortunately our chums at Aldi have once again tackled a costly experience with some affordable kit, and their new Restaurant at Home Specialbuy Range features bargainous goodies for all. We check it out, paying particular attention to the Premium Food Processor that they sent to us.

The Restaurant at Home Specialbuy Range will go live on Aldi's website and in stores from the 9th March 2017 . The range includes lots of useful kitchen things to help bring out your inner chef. The range includes...

A Coffee Capsule Machine (£49.99), an 18 Piece Knife Block (£29.99), a 44 Piece Cutlery Set (£24.99), Large Professional Pans (£19.99), a useful Milk Heater/Frother (£19.99), a Padded Gas Lift Bar Stool (£17.99), a Crème Brulee Kit (£14.99), a Condiment Caddy (£9.99) a Coffee Capsule Holder (£3.99) and lots more.

We were sent one of the priciest members of the range, the Premium Food Processor (£49.99), which has been designed to be a one-stop shop where blending, mixing and beating are concerned. It is made by Ambiano, who seem to be Aldi's go-to kitchen gadget maker, whose products we've reviewed very positively in the past.

The Premium Food Processor seems not to be an exception to that, as it is a sturdily built appliance with good looks and a tonne of accessories (so many in fact, it comes with a separate accessory holder which is almost as big as the processor itself!). The main body features three big buttons to set the processor going, with Pulse, Mix, and Dough, and all the accessories and blades fit in with those three modes.

The 1.2 litre main mixing bowl is detachable and features a twist-lock lid with ingredient chute. Into the bowl you fix either one of the two drive shafts, then onto these you place you chosen mixer or blade. There is a grating disk, a slicing disk, an emulsifying disk, a dough blade and a main stainless steel blade. There are also two whisks and their own special attachment. Yeah, you're glad for that accessory holder now, aren't you?

If all this sounds as alien as piloting a drone would to your gran, fret not as the included instructions tells you how to assembly each set-up for whatever it is you need to make, complete with diagrams. Everything we tried with the Aldi Premium Food Processor came out great, and we never experienced any blockages or jams. And, as it all comes apart easily, it's a doddle to wash. That said, it won't make you a top chef first time round, but it is a big help and a big convenience to have such a multifaceted kitchen appliance in one relatively compact gadget.

Find out more about the range at www.aldi.co.uk

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