2 March 2017

NEWS: Boston Dynamics' latest terrifying robot

The robot uprising gets a new soldier.

Boston Dynamics, the robotics company owned by Google, have featured on this site in the past. First we saw Atlas, the creepy AF humanoid robot, and then (on the day of Brexit - hence our greater fear) we met the dog-like robot dinosaur SpotMini. Both scared the shit out of us, to be frank. And now? Introducing Handle, the wheeled robot who will hunt you down quickly in the coming apocalypse.

What makes Handle possibly the creepiest robot yet from Boston Dynamics, is how fast it can move on those two wheels, and how easily it seems to balance itself. The shot of it zooming down the steps is frightening, especially considering most of us have been raised to know that robots can't go up or down stairs. We were wrong! Also, look at the damn thing jump. It'll be able to leap the piles of human corpses and slay the survivors with ease.

Happy times, eh?

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