12 February 2017

REVIEW: Valentines with Lékué

Cards are insulting.

They are. Don't bother with "mysterious" Valentines Day cards this year, and instead get your partner something fun you can both enjoy. Remember last summer when we reviewed ice lolly moulds from Lékué? Well the Spanish homewares company is back with ides to choco-up your Valentines. We gave them a go.

We were sent three innovative little sets from Lékué; the Pop Hearts Mould, the larger Heart Mould, and also a Choco Fondue set. All you really need to enjoy any of them is some chocolate to melt, which, unsurprisingly, we had in abundance at Test Pit Towers.

Pop Hearts Mould

This nifty little set includes a single flexible mould, a pack of plastic sticks, and a postcard and sticker set. The idea is to create your own little heart-shaped lollies and then attach them to the postcards with the stickers as personalised gifts. The sticks slot into the mould itself, so once the chocolate has been melted, poured in, and then left to set, you can easily yank the whole thing out without risking breaking the pop or bending the stick. The added extras are a really nice touch, too. See; it's a great gift in itself that makes smaller great gifts.


Heart Mould

This larger mould produces larger, deeper heart shapes, without the cavities for sticks to slot into You could use it make huge chunky heart chocolates, or indeed for any food that you need to be heart-shaped. Desserts or even savoury dishes could be made using it, although if we're being honest we just made even bigger heart pop lollies. Without sticks. Once again, once set the chocolate was easy to pull out because the mould is so very flexible and soft.


Choco Fondue 

However, this was the one that really won us over. This is a minature fondue set that requires no naked flames or fuel. You simply fill the tub with water, drop in your shredded chocolate into the top... Actually just watch this:

Looks good, doesn't it? And it is so very simple and safe. The top lid keeps the hot water contained, so there is no danger of it sloshing over the edges as you move it, and it really did keep the chocolate warm and gooey for a good long while. Although you might not be breaking it out for large parties, it is a the perfect size for a couple to share. Like on Valentines Night. Before sex!


Check out other neat ideas for cooking and storage at www.lekue.com

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