11 February 2017

NEWS: Meet Cassie the creepy bipedal robot

Legs eleven.

Human-like robots are making an increasing appearance in the news these days as scientists and engineers more accurately replicate the way we move. However, as creepy as Google's Atlas robot was, at least it had arms and a head. Cassie, created by Oregon State University, is just legs. Just. Legs. Look:

Weird isn't it? And exceptionally off-putting considering it was made by a bunch of guys and then they gave it a girl's name. If it was called Leggy or Walkie or The Incredible Strolling Plodatron 6000 alarm bells wouldn't be ringing quite to the extent that they are.

Still, it's an incredible invention, and will no doubt go toward making that full-sized sex robot you've always wanted. Tee hee.

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