3 February 2017

COMMENT: What will be the best gadgets of 2017?

Although we’re only just one month into the new year, there’s already a massive amount of speculation over what cool new gadgets we’ll be enjoying in 2017.

The world’s console manufacturers will be looking to give us better gaming options than ever with the recently launched Sony PlayStation Pro providing the most powerful console currently on the market.

Although for sheer firepower, it’s probably the hugely exciting Xbox Scorpio that will take us into the next level of gaming. This powerful machine looks to deliver us into a realm of full 4K gaming with VR compatibility and an incredible six teraflop GPU to give us the most immersive gaming platform yet.

But since mobile gaming has become increasingly popular, smartphone manufacturers have been keeping us fascinated with some of their latest developments. We’ve already commented on rumours that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have 6GB of memory, but there are plenty of other mobile options to look forward to.

In particular it’s the rumours surrounding the iPhone 8 that are getting us most excited as it will include a stunning OLED display and a powerful A11 chip will mean that it will be able to handle even the most data-intensive gaming titles.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are some alternative gaming devices that will keep us busy in 2017. Whilst the likes of Razer have yet to unveil their plans for smartphone gaming, we’ve been interested to see how the new Nvidia Shield Pro is offering a new way for people to keep entertained.

Whilst much of specs of the set-top box are the same as was offered in the previous model, it does include a great new controller - often the downside of any TV box gaming solution. Furthermore, the device provides seamless 4K and HDR playback as well as access to the GeForce Now gaming library.

But you can always rely on Nintendo to shake things up, and that’s exactly what they’re planning to do with their Nintendo Switch console. This reveals that famous Nintendo-style ‘blue-sky thinking’ to great effect as the device is actually a hybrid between a handheld device and a standard console that can be plugged into a display. But with many gamers still in thrall to simple and classic games like blackjack that can be found at CasinoEuro, there is still a question over whether most gamers will need dual-function devices and immense teraflops of gaming power.

All of which shows that despite the wide range of gadgets that are out there, sometimes its the simplest offerings that keep us most entertained!

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