6 January 2017

REVIEW: Terraillon NutriTab Smart Scales

Yes weigh.

If you thought counting pizza slices was a great way to accurately monitor your daily nutritional intake, you'd be wrong. Keeping track of what goes into your body is a great way of staying healthy, whether or not you're in training, or just looking to eat better. To that end we've been testing a very clever set of kitchen scales; the Terraillon NutriTab.

This thin slab of a gadget features a simple circular LCD screen and weighing area to the left of that. And not much else. It looks just like other modern and minimal scales, but like all very clever things these days, the magic is in the connectivity. Using the accompanying (and very good) Wellness Coach app, all the readings from the scales will display on your smartphone, allowing you to track and monitor what goes onto it, and therefore what goes in your food.

Connecting via Bluetooth, using the Terraillon NutriTab (which runs on three AAA batteries) is as simple and placing the food or ingredients onto it and then getting the weight reading on your phone. Using Terraillon's huge database of food, you then select from the list what kind of food it is, scanning the barcode on the product packaging if needed, then save the data to your personal account. You can add the ingredients to saved recipes (if you both make and eat the same thing in the same way more than once), so there is no need to weigh everything all of the time.

This stored info is then used to highlight what of your daily recommended nutrition is missing. As the app knows exactly how much protein, carbs, fat etc. each of the ingredients contain, you'll get an accurate account of what you need (or need to cut back on, should you have gone over – we're thinking all those slices of pizza here).

It's a pretty amazing thing to behold, to be honest. It just knows exactly what is in all kinds of food, an then of course how much of a portion you are eating. The Terraillon NutriTab Smart Scale also features a timer, so you know exactly how long to cook things, keeping everything to the same recipe, and therefore the same nutritional value.

As much as we've enjoyed using the Terraillon NutriTab Smart Scales, it is Terraillon's Wellness Coach app that deserves a lot of the praise. As a stand-alone programme it is great for gathering your nutritional data into one place, and then representing that in an easy to read format. It is as simple as seeing what you've taken in, and what you need to reach your goals. For those of us taking a fitness challenge this year, it's perfect.


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