6 January 2017

NEWS: Intel's credit card sized computer

You could scrape your windscreen with that.

Computers are getting smaller - so small in fact that you'll be able to keep this one in your wallet. The Compute Card from Intel, unveiled at CES 2017, has everything a computer has, from processor and Ram, to storage and WiFI, in something just 5mm thick.

The intention with the Compute Card is to use it to upgrade connected smart gadgets, such as TVs and fridges. You might want to keep hold of smart tech such as that for years, but after a while the processing and software might seem slow and outdated. All you do, therefore, is pull out 'the card' and replace it with a new one, giving the appliance a new lease of life.

No details on pricing and availability yet, but this - and the idea of it's use - is definitely one to watch.

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